BMT Autographs

About Us

BMT Autographs are a group of autographs enthusiasts with over 47 years of forensic, collectable expertise. Because of our concerns over FAKE autographs being sold to unsuspecting, uneducated collectors, we decided to create a safe, informed place for collectors to review and know that their collectables are genuine.

Unless you are there exactly when a collectable is signed and take a photograph to document it, there is no way anyone can guarantee with 100% accuracy, an items authenticity.

Even so-called Collectable EXPERTS have made expensive mistakes and if you google them, there are articles that give details.

Autograph Certification is a BEST GUESS estimate based on forensic analysis and years of expertise.

At BMT, everything we certify is carefully reviewed and cross referenced with known examples of Celebrities signatures from our vast database of signatures. Therefore, we can with confidence, state that a signature is genuine, when we issue our COA.


If any autograph is ever proven to be not genuine by 2 or more well-known, respected certification services, we will gladly refund, in full, the purchase price of the autograph to the original purchaser as long as it’s returned in perfect condition at the buyers expense